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School budget

To the Editor:

This coming Wednesday, March 10, the Ferry School PTO will host a public forum at its regular meeting on the upcoming special election for the sinking fund.

All interested parties are invited to attend at 7 p.m. in the East Centrum of Ferry School. We will hear from a member or members of the Grosse Pointe School Board regarding the budget issues facing the school district and the reasons behind the proposal for a sinking fund millage.

Numerous misconceptions about the sinking fund millage abound currently and need to be addressed and dispelled. As one example, I have heard the question raised as to why the school system is unable to redirect funds from the bond toward the budget shortfall. Simply put, the reason is that it is illegal to do so, as the funds which became available as a result of the approval of the bond were designated to be used only on certain projects and in ways specified at that time.

Another matter many people still assume is that the dollars contained in our tax bills for the schools go to our schools. This used to be the case but is no longer true. The funds go to Lansing, from where we then receive all of our funding (and from where much of that funding is repeatedly cut throughout the school year, even after the school systemís budget has been approved and set in place).

In short, it is crucial for the health of the educational program of Grosse Pointe schools for us to support this millage. In addition, we need to continue to request that our state legislators address the continuing budget deficits in Lansing which result from the lack of reliable revenue the state experiences due to Proposal A.

Please remember during these times that our community isnít just a ďnice place to live,Ē and wonít remain what we most love about it without our involvement and hard work.

This is a special place, largely due to the fact that the populace of Grosse Pointe was always very willing to foster an enhanced educational experience for its students, for which we have been rewarded with a very high percentage of high school graduates, very well-recognized college graduates and a school system with a national reputation for excellence.

We have also been rewarded with very appreciable and stable property values. This community isnít just a nice place to live, it is truly an assemblage of high values and a quest for superiority and distinction. As go our schools, so will go our community.

Again, I invite any interested persons to attend the forum this coming Wednesday. If you have concerns relating to how the school systemís funds are apportioned and why additional funds are being requested, please come and receive the information so vital to an informed voter.

I urge you to not only attend this meeting but also to vote on Tuesday, March 16.

Janis Ferworn


Ferry PTO

Grosse Pointe Woods

Janis Ferworn
March 03, 2004

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