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To the Editor:

I take exception with several points in the Grosse Pointe News editorial of Jan. 15, “School tax request begs questions,” regarding the school board’s millage request.

The capital improvement millage passed last year did not include monies needed now because the cuts from state funding were not defined at that time. The millage that was approved is paying for long-overdue physical improvements to our schools in order that our aging facilities remain competitive with other comparable districts with newer buildings.

One visit to newer high schools in Troy, Northville, etc., demonstrates how physically antiquated some of our buildings and facilities had become.

Your suggestion that the school board could “scale down” the improvements for performing arts and “other nonessentials” is ridiculous. Since when have residents from the Pointes wanted only the “essentials” at our schools? If we wanted only the essentials we could live in many other communities — we chose the Pointes because of the excellence of its school system, its depth and variety.

One of the largest components of the value of our homes is our fine educational tradition.

One only needs to look to Harper Woods, where homes in the Grosse Pointe School District have always had a significantly higher value than those Harper Woods homes outside of the Grosse Pointe district.

Grosse Pointers have always taken pride in excellence. Great city services, great parks, great neighborhoods and great schools. Excellence has a price tag attached to it, but if excellence is what one desires from one’s community and for one’s children, then one must be willing to pay for it.

Having experienced school systems in several communities, in four different states, I am thrilled to be in the Grosse Pointe district and extremely pleased with all the district has offered my children. Very few districts can live up to the standards in Grosse Pointe.

I encourage everyone in the Pointes to support this millage request.

Andy Sullivan

Grosse Pointe Farms

Andy Sullivan
January 21, 2004

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