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West back on council

April 15, 2010
A familiar face is back on the Grosse Pointe Farms city council.

Martin West, a councilman from 1997 to 2001, was appointed Monday, April 12, to complete the term of the late Councilman Doug Roby.

The Farms has a tradition of filling mid-term vacancies with former elected officeholders who promise not to run in the upcoming election cycle.

The practice is intended to avoid "beknighting," Councilman Terry Davis described as a non-elected fill-in with the power of incumbency in a future contest at the polls.

West said he won't run for office when he finishes Roby's term in November 2011.

"Doug Roby was a wonderful man," West said. "I'm honored to be chosen to replace him for the next 1 1/2 years."

West, who works in the insurance industry, was among eight applicants for the job. The others were:

* Constance M. Boris,

* Howard B. Hill,

* Gerald Lee,

* Thomas R. Smith,

* Karen E. Vigmostad,

* C. Levering "Lev" Wood and

* Scott Vandemergel.

West encouraged the applicants to prepare themselves for the next election.

"I encourage you, since I won't be running, to attend city council meetings," he told them. "That way, you can get up to speed and know what's going on. I'm delighted that so many people have come out for this great office. I encourage you to keep involved with the community."

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