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Beline Obeid

Crescent Sail Club to upgrade

March 12, 2009
Leigh Savage wants to make the grounds of Crescent Sail Yacht Club shipshape by replacing a fleet of storage sheds with a single, 2,000-square-foot utility building.

"This building replaces six smaller structures," said Savage, Crescent's past commodore. "We will eliminate all of the existing temporary sheds and generally improve the overall aesthetics of the grounds."

The new, two-story, 28.5-foot-tall building needed approval of the Grosse Pointe Farms City Council because structures in the club's district are limited to heights of 15 feet.

The building's design by architect Rob Wood won over Farms planning consultant Brandon Rogers.

"Owing to the spacious site and style of architecture, I conclude the proposed variance in building height is acceptable," Rogers said.

Wood is a veteran when it comes to designing lakeside structures.

A few years ago, he produced the community center at Farms Pier Park. With the Crescent building, he included characteristic dormers and window shutters to give it a residential feeling.

Construction will take place "as soon as we can," Savage said, on the south shore of the club's peninsula behind a group of willow trees, with more landscaping to come.

According to Savage's account, Crescent's 4.45 acre site has gotten too crowded for comfort.

"The existing one-car garage was already more than full of grounds maintenance equipment, and we have been compelled to utilize a number of temporary storage sheds and vinyl tents placed around the property," he said.

In 2005, club members approved construction of a new clubhouse.

The project was canceled due to budget considerations. Club members decided instead to focus club resources on sailing and mooring facilities.

"This proved to be a wise decision, as our new harbor has been very well received," Savage said. "We have kept the harbor full each year, have attracted new members and expect to be full again in 2009."

Sailing classes, offered to club members and the public alike through the club's nonprofit association, have grown.

"Particularly the adult program, which is held on weekday evening throughout the sailing season," Savage said.

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