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Beline Obeid

Police: She left trail of bad checks

City of Grosse Pointe

June 12, 2008
Phony name, false ID, counterfeit checks, bogus bank accounts.

For Tomekia Ann Myles, it was situation normal, all faked up. Such are the props with which she is accused of acting out her charlatan shopping sprees.

Myles, a 36-year-old career criminal from Detroit, is being prosecuted by the City and nearby communities on numerous counts of felony fraud.

"What a scam she was doing," said City Detective Ron Weiczorek. "You'd need a full-time accountant to find out how many things she's done."

He said Pointe police were aware of Myles' criminal activity, but didn't know her identity until putting her under arrest April 28 for trying to pass a bad $90 check at Martinizing Cleaners.

"She's not any good," Weiczorek said. "She confessed that she wrote a bad check at Target in Utica, got a little greedy and decided to go to Krogers in Sterling Heights, then went to Salvaggio's market in Clinton Township and bought strawberries and a nice statue of an angel. Then she came to our city and wanted to write another bad check. She passed one previously in the City."

Weiczorek said she's been charged with felony counts of check fraud, producing two or more fake driver's licenses and being a habitual criminal. He said she waived her preliminary examination in the City and has a court-appointed attorney in circuit court.

"She posted bond," Weiczorek said.

Officers can trace her whereabouts from a global positioning tether ordered by the City.

Weiczorek said Myles wrote bad checks ranging from about $40 to $100.

"She admitted making checks on her computer at home," he said. "Most things in her house were new with price tags still on: boxes of expensive shoes; more than 20 pairs of boots. She'd wear something once and throw it in a pile. She does not have a job, but has brand new things."

Other items believed stolen were found in the car she drove, a Jaguar, Weiczorek said was registered to her son.

"It was impounded," Weiczorek said.

Detective Alan Gwyn, the City's computer forensics specialist, examined Miles' computer for criminal evidence.

"The woman was using a check program," Gwyn said. "She was entering fictitious data (and) switching bank names with the program. She (created) temporary paper Michigan driver licenses."

If the case goes to trial, Gwyn expects to testify about finding documents tying Myles to the crimes.

"Many cases (of this type) never reach trial," he said. "(Defendants) see the evidence in front of them and go, 'I'm done.' In a lot of computer cases, you throw the evidence in front of them and they want to plea."

Weiczorek said Myles came up with alias based on her own name.

"She'd eliminate the first letter of her last name or last letter of her first name," he said. "Tomekia Myles would become Omekia Yles."

Weiczorek said Myles has a "lengthy" criminal record in Grand Rapids.

"She's slippery," he said. "Each time she's arrested, her picture changes. She's been arrested about 10 times. She changes the way she looks, her hair and makeup. This woman was a crook."

She may be part of a larger scam.

"We found receipts of things purchased by her and others writing bad checks," Weiczorek said. "She said there are a number of people doing this."

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