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Parks, Woods experience minimal storm damage

June 12, 2008
While Sunday's storm caused widespread damage to communities north of Eight Mile Road, the Grosse Pointes managed to dodge the worst of the storm.

Live electric wires fell on the Pierce Middle School fence, closing the school on June 10. Photo by Kathy Ryan
There were downed power lines in most of the Pointes and damage consisted of a few lost tree limbs and spotty power outages.

One line did come down in a backyard on Nottingham in the Park on top of the fence that surrounds the Pierce Middle School playing fields. According to the DTE Energy employee standing guard on Monday afternoon by the downed wire, no one was certain if the line and the metal fence were "hot" and no one wanted to find out the hard way.

"We're just waiting for a crew to get here," said Nicole Syc of Wyandotte, who works as an engineer for DTE. "But with over 150,000 customers without power, it may be a long wait."

DTE Energy spokesperson Eileen Dixon confirmed that assessment.

"We're not even giving estimates on restoration of power times," she said. "We were already dealing with outages from storms on Friday and Saturday and then the storm hit on Sunday. It's possible that lines won't be repaired until Wednesday or beyond."

Dixon said crews from Indiana, Ohio and Illinois were expected to arrive in the Detroit area Monday night to help with the clean up.

Several homes in Grosse Pointe Woods remained without power late Monday and a large number of residents reported their Comcast Cable service was not working.

A Comcast representative was not available for comment.

Grosse Pointe Woods city administrator Mark Wollenweber said the city did not suffered any severe damage. However, a small number of residents were without power for at least 24 hours following Sunday's storm, including Councilman Joe Sucher, a resident of South Oxford.

"It's a frustrating situation because you can't get any answers out of DTE," said Sucher. "We don't know if the outage was caused by a downed line, or if a tree came down. And they wouldn't give us any estimate of when the power would be restored."

Several Woods homes near Mack and Torrey that were without power last Friday night for about six hours were hit by a brownout Monday night that stretched into Tuesday morning.

This area that has been affected in the past with power outages and brownouts DTE Energy blames on an aging power grid system.

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