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Norsemen have fun at invitational

North freshman Quinn Pangborn runs through the river during the Norsemen’s Olk Skool Invitational meet last weekend. Photo courtesy of Scott Cooper
September 26, 2013
The Grosse Pointe North girls’ cross country team competed in the annual Old Skool Invitational.

This is the race where runners cross a river twice, climb up a muddy embankment, run through a corn field and over bales of hay.

Because of the rain, most of the course was water and mud filled. In addition, this race is run by class, where the freshmen all run together and then the sophomores have their own race and so on.

The Norsemen’s top finishers were Quinn Pangborn (medalist), Keri Kryciuk, Cate Troost, Madie Gafa (medalist), Rebecca Flynn, Chloe Bigwood and Audrey Kam.

The top freshmen for the Norsemen were Pangborn, Troost and Erinne Lubienski, while the top sophomores were Hryciuk, Flynn and Bigwood.

The top juniors were Anne Race, Katie Russo and Emily Waldner, and the top seniors were Gafa and Marie Bourke.

“Because of the mud and the river, times are always slow,” head coach Scott Cooper said. “No one PRs at this course. If you are within one minute of your best time, you ran a great race. These runners were within a minute of their best on this tough, challenging, muddy course.

“Many parts of the course you cannot even get any footing. The mud is several inches thick. Several runners end up carrying their shoes because they get sucked off in the mud.”

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