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Blue Devils dispose of Norsemen

South’s Claire Young had a solid meet, helping the Blue Devils fi nish in the top three in her events. Photos by Renee Landuyt
September 26, 2013
Grosse Pointe South beat city rival Grosse Pointe North 128-58 last week in the Macomb Area Conference Red Division opener for both squads.

Head coach Eric Gunderson and the Blue Devils opened the meet in style as the 200-yard medley relay team of Gabby DeLoof, Alex Hughes, Jennifer Vermet and Carly Hampton won with a state-qualifying time of 1:589.30.

The Norsemen’s foursome of Julia Gehlert, Kayleigh Gehlert, Mackenzie Simon and Olivia Asimakis took second with a time of 2:02.75.

In the 200-yard freestyle, South’s Abbey Schuetze and Kathleen Vern took first and second with times of 2:11.75 and 2:12.86, and North’s Carrie Rakowicz and Stephanie Shea took third and fourth with times of 2:13.44 and 2:17.43.

In event No. 3, the 200-yard individual medley, Anne Crowley of South won with a time of 2:22.94, while taking second and third were North’s Simon and Kayleigh Gehlert with times of 2:25.05 and 2:30.25, respectively.

The Blue Devils swept the top four spots in the 50-yard freestyle with Catie DeLoof and Claire Young taking first and second with state-qualifying times of 25.10 and 25.47. Amy Krausmann was third with a time of 26.35 and Olivia Frederickson fourth with a time of 26.65. Her swim did not count since she was swimming exhitibition.

The Norsemen’s Asimakis and Katelyn Kohler finished fifth and sixth with times of 26.98 and 28.00, respectively.

Isabelle Nguyen of North won the diving competition, earning 171.07 points. South’s Maddie Burgoyne and Lydia Burton placed second and third with 150.75 and 146.33 points.

Crowley won her second event, taking the top spot in the 100-yard butterfly with a state-qualifying time of 1:01.23. Asimakis was second with a state-qualifying time of 1:02.26 and Simon was third at 1:06.38.

In the 100-yard freestyle, the DeLoof sisters, Gabby and Catie, finished first and second with state-qualifying times of 53.05 and 53.18, respectively, and Young was third with another state-qualifying time, 55.24.

North’s Julia Gehlert was fifth with a time of 1:00.69.

South’s Mackenzie Stapleton won the 500-yard freestyle with a time of 5:50.82 and Rakowicz was second at 5:58.64. She just edged out South’s Jackie DeLoof, who was third at 5:58.98.

In the second of three relays, the 200-yard freestyle, the Blue Devils’ foursome of Young, Frederickson, Schuetze and Crowley won with a time of 1:47.07, and their squad of Catie DeLoof, Katie Graham, Krausmann and Sara Crader finished second at 1:48.11.

North’s team of Shea, Kohler, Rakowicz and Hannah Mattes took third with a time of 1:54.44.

North’s Julia Gehlert won the 100-yard backstroke with a time of 1:06.13, while South’s Vermet and Bridget Hubbell placed second and third with times of 1:08.20 and 1:12.38.

South once again swept an event as Gabby DeLoof, Alex Hughes and Grace Perri took first, second and third with times of 1:07.35 (state qualifying), 1:10.22 (state qualifying) and 1:12.40.

In the meet’s final event, the Blue Devils’ Young, Frederickson, Hughes and Vern won with a time of 4:01.18, and the Norsemen’s Rakowicz, Simon, Julia Gehlert and Asimakis was second with a time of 4:05.59.

North head coach Mike O’Connor said season-best times were recorded in the 50-yard freestyle by Asimakis, Kohler, Gabby Burchett, Stephanie Shea, Susan Hartzell, Mary Emerick, Jill Hendra, Breana Williams, Natalie Shenkosky and Erica Lizza; 100-yard freestyle by Gehlert, Jillian Fenner, Shea, Burchett, Emily Maul, Hartzell, Emily Bahr, Olivia O’Hara, Jill Hendra, Eve Feldman, Williams and Lindsey Hoshaw; 200-yard freestyle by Shea and Grace Addy; 500-yard freestyle by Ann Marie Nicholson and Sydney Eger; 100-yard backstroke by Gehlert, Meghan Veltri and Gina Peruzzi, 100-yard breastroke by Kohler and Lindsey Hoshaw; 100 yard butterfly by Asimakis, Mackenzie Simon and Veltri; 200-yard individual medley by Mackenzie Simon, Kayleigh Gehlert, Juliette Tripp, Hannah Mattes, Karyn Schwartz, Emily Hoshaw, Maul; and diving by Nguyen and Chloe Ribco.

In other action last week, North scored a 120-63 victory over L’Anse Creuse North.

Carrie Rakowicz was a double winner taking both the 200- and 500-yard freestyle events. Single even winners included Jillian Fenner in the 50-yard freestyle, Nguyen in diving, Mackenzie Simon in the 100-yard backstroke and Kayleigh Gehlert in the 100-yard breastroke.

Season-best times were recorded in the 50-yard freestyle by Fenner, Allison Fly, Sydney Eger, and Williams; 100-yard freestyle by Tripp, Fly and Hannah Atherton; 200-yard freestyle by Shea; 500-yard freestyle by Rakowicz, Nicholson, Atherton and Peruzzi; 100-yard backstroke by Mackenzie Simon, Veltri and Hoshaw; 100-yard breastroke by Kayleigh Gehlert and Hannah Mattes; 100-yard butterfly by Simon; 200-yard individual medley by Asimakis, Tripp and Katelyn Kohler; and diving by Nguyen.

North is now 2-2 overall and 0-1 in the Macomb Area Conference Red Division.

North evened its record at 2-2 and is 0-1 in the MAC Red Division; South is 2-1 and 1-0.

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