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Beline Obeid

Photo courtesy of Renee Landuyt
July 11, 2013
On Saturday, the Junior Boys rowing team from the Detroit Boat Club Crew competed in the Grand Regatta. This competition was part of the State Games of Michigan, a multi-sport Olympic style event held in Grand Rapids. The team was dominant, winning six gold medals and one silver medal in seven events. More impressive was that every gold medal was won by a significant margin over their competitors. Medal winners included Andrew Seski (Grosse Pointe South, 2 gold medals), Michael Landuyt (Grosse Pointe South, 3 gold medals), Andrew Kelly (home schooled, 3 gold medals), Donnie Rosati (Grosse Pointe South, gold medal, silver medal), Matt Dimond (Grosse Pointe South, gold medal), Joe Kalmar (Grosse Pointe South, gold medal), Bennett Ross (Grosse Pointe South, gold medal), Sean Nemeh (Grosse Pointe South, gold medal, silver medal), Nick Shankie (Grosse Pointe South, gold medal), Alex Kalmar (Grosse Pointe South, gold medal) and Rob Robson (Grosse Pointe South, gold medal). The team is coached by Dick Bell and Tom Janiak. Pictured above are team members, from left, Tom Janiak (novice coach), Donnie Rosati, Sean Nemeh, Joe Kalmar, Alex Kalmar, Nick Shankie, Andrew Kelly, Sam Kelly, Michael Landuyt, Andrew Seski, Rob Robson, Bennett Ross, Matt Dimond and Dick Bell (head coach).

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