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Beline Obeid
August 07, 2014
At top, from left, Josh Sonnenberg (Wolverine); Viggo Jewell (Flash); Ben Wehrmann (Capt. NBC); Skip Moody (Ironman); Nick Nouhan (Batman); Albert Alotta (Dinoman); Ian Davis (Batman) Fred Talon (Ironman).


Above, superheroes raise the American flag to get the day started at University Liggett School's summer camp. From left, Batman is camp director Pete Dettlinger; Supergirl is Linda Baer; Batgirl is Sara Dimitrijevic. Holding the flag is Jeff Denyer. To the right of him is Andrew Faber, aka Clark Kent.


Camp Director Pete Dettlinger (Batman), Assistant Director Julie Borushko (Robin) and Head of Science and Nature for the camp, Mark Sonnenberg (Wolverine).


Anna Williams (Wonder Woman); Zeinab Campbell (Supergirl]; Lauren Shipe (Ladybug girl); Abigail Brink (Batgirl).

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