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Pierce students take gold


May 08, 2014
Over the weekend 24 Pierce students competed at the 28th Michigan Social Studies Olympiad held at Adlai Stevenson High School in Sterling Heights. Pierce teams have been preparing for months and this effort paid off as the Pierce Trojans team took gold medals, winning in every category in which they competed.

This year's theme was citizenship and many performances centered around this idea. The Pierce Social Studies Olympians are advised and coached by Pierce social studies department chair, Jeannie Brousseau.

Winners included:

Quizbowl: Captain Liam Walsh (2 time gold medalist), Blake Stackpoole, Beth Smith, Billy Beardslee. Teams compete in a Jeopardy-like competition with buzzers and categories.

Drama Original Script: Pierce team researched and portrayed actual immigrants arriving on US Nevada in 1901 and illustrated the requirements set out in the Immigration Act of 1889. The creators and actors are: Ellie Connors, Julia Rapai, Hailey Martin, Allison Graff, Mollie DeBrunner, Phalen Johnson, Muriel Steinke, Tim DeGrand, Kathryn Clark, Helena Petroleus

Rap: Rockim Williamson & LaShun O'Rear wrote and rapped about citizens' rights (amendments) and responsibilities (taking actions to preserve democracy)

Computer GeoBee: Matt Calcaterra and Peter Lianos- Using NationalGeographic's Database Competitors Answer Quiz Questions respondedas quickly as possible with the highest degree of accuracy. They won by 300 points.

Historical Monologue: Ponette Rubio's gold medal performance portrayed the life Malala Youseff, the Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for continuing to attend school. Amy Smith (6th) recreated the life of Susan B Anthony's crusade for womens sufferage and captured an honorable mention.

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