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New turf coming to South's field


May 01, 2014
A new football field will be in place at Grosse Pointe South High School in time for the opening game of the 2014 athletic season.

The new field, expected to cost $570,000, will replace a field that has been in place since 2003. The lifespan for artificial fields is eight to 10 years.

In making his presentation to the school board, district official Chris Fenton said that while the field was originally installed for use by the football team, it has now evolved into a lacrosse, soccer and field hockey field as well.

"It is heavily used," he said. "It has been a valuable asset, especially with our limited green space at South."

Fenton explained that since the field dries very quickly after rain, it was used for practice and games by several sports.

The project, which will be done in two phases, is expected to take six weeks. The first phase involves removing the existing artificial turf and regarding, followed by installation of the new turf. The removal and regarding will be done by the Sports Contracting Group, and Astro Turf LLC will install the new turf.

According to Fenton, the new field should last 10 to 12 years.

Several board members commented that they had heard from residents who were concerned about the cost of such a project, especially in light of the need for the district to upgrade technology.

"There is a planned life for these fields and we knew that it would need to be replaced," said president Joan Dindoffer. "These fields are part of our infrastructure."

The artificial turf field at Grosse Pointe North is expected to be replaced in the summer of 2015.

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