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Teams qualify for Global Finals

Above, the Trombly DI DIvas, back row, from left, Claire Beardslee, Maria Maraldo, Katie Maraldo, Caitlin Houting. Front row, from left, Sisi Costa, Mairin Heimbuch, Kate Beardslee.

April 24, 2014
Three Grosse Pointe Public School System Destination Imagination teams have advanced to the Global Finals by finishing among the top two teams of their competition categories Saturday, April 5. Competition was held at Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant. Six GPPSS DI teams competed among more than 350 teams in the affiliate finals competition. DI is a creativity and problem-solving program in which kids work in teams to solve challenges.

The Trombly Elementary team, the DI DIvas, placed second and includes Claire Beardslee, Kate Beardslee, Sisi Costa, Mairin Heimbuch, Caitlin Houting, Katie Maraldo, and Maria Maraldo. The DI DIvas are managed by GP South junior Kelly Beardslee.

The Grosse Pointe South final four, from left, Rachel Griffin, Grace Henning, Kelly Beardslee and Jack McCoy.
The Pierce Middle School team, the Pepper Penguins, placed first and includes Billy Beardslee, Jacob Bruetsch, Natalie Liening, Joelle Reich, Kristina Rogers, and Megan VanOsdol and is managed by Kristin Beardslee. The Grosse Pointe South High School team, the Final Four, placed second and includes Kelly Beardslee, Rachel Griffin, Grace Henning, and Jack McCoy. The high school team is managed by Bonnie McCoy.

All teams competed in the "Pandemonium" improvisational challenge category. Their challenge: create a five-minute skit with four randomly chosen elements including a character from the past and a contemporary character. The team had to show those characters working together, using the time period, their occupations and skills, to deal with a randomly-assigned pandemonium. Stage make-up was also required to create, develop, and enhance one skit character.

For example, the Pierce team created a team of explorers who encountered a carpenter from the early 1900s and a contemporary art museum director. A marionette doll helped them deal with their pandemonium: charging elephants.

The Pierce Pepper Penguins, from left, Billy Beardslee, Megan VanOsdol, Jacob Bruetsch, Kristina Rogers, Joelle Reich, Natalie Liening.
They had five minutes preparation for the five-minute skit.

Destination Imagination Global Finals 2014 will include 16,000 attendees from 1,300 teams, 45 states, and 14 countries. They will compete May 21-24 in Knoxville, Tenn.

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