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Foundation awards 20 grant requests

December 05, 2013
At its November meeting, the Grosse Pointe Public School System Board of Education approved the receipt of 20 grants totaling $85,716.

The grants, which will allow teachers at all levels to pilot technological devices and programs, are a gift from the Grosse Pointe Foundation for Public Education.

“As we move forward to improve the technology that we have in our school system, we’ve been very fortunate to have the Foundation provide pilots to the school district, in classrooms, with students, individually, so we can identify what are the best products for our students to improve their learning,” said Tom Harwood, superintendent.

Grants awarded at the Nov. 25 meeting include:

" Multi-sensory environments at Brownell and Pierce middle schools to provide sensory opportunities and increase attention, interaction and production for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Meaghan Post, Aimee Miller, Linda Cole and Mackenzie Herbert submitted the grant proposal.

" Developmental learning backpacks for educational toys and other items necessary to address the needs of students with special needs at Barnes Early Childhood Center. Julie Huellmantel submitted the grant.

" Ten individual netbooks at the secondary level for ASD students with organizational, fine motor, receptive language and social skills challenges to help foster independence. Meaghan Post submitted the grant.

" A convection oven for Grosse Pointe South High School’s Community Campus business, C3, to assist the program’s students with special needs in the making and selling of products like chocolate-dipped pretzels. Kathy Dykstra submitted the grant.

" Three iPad 2 and three Apple TVs with appropriate accessories for fifth grade teachers at Kerby Elementary School, allowing them to teach whole and small group lessons using educational apps to pilot for the district. Patricia Blazinksi, Matt Eszes and Patrick Brown submitted the grant.

" Ten iPads and cases and $25 iTunes gift cards for the district’s 10 elementary school reading specialists to motivate students and improve their accuracy, comprehension and fluency in reading. Kathleen McClanaghan submitted the grant.

" Five iPads with cases and apps for small group and cooperative learning in Cheryl Briggs’ third grade classroom at Richard Elementary School. Briggs submitted the grant.

" “The Leader in Me” teacher manuals, student activity books and web materials from Stephen Covey’s program designed to teach children personal leadership skills, as well as to enhance student growth and promote a positive school climate. Students at Trombly Elementary School will pilot the program. Dona Johnson-Beach submitted the grant.

" Six iPad 2 and an Apple TV for the multi-age classroom at Trombly to help teacher Mary O’Meara integrate technology into everyday learning through different projects and activities. O’Meara submitted the grant.

" Five iPads and cases to implement “math workshop” in Marty Weaver’s third grade classroom at Trombly. It’s an extension of the current Everyday Math program and allows for greater differentiation in math. Weaver submitted the grant.

" Twelve iPad 2, cases and recharging cabinet for fifth graders at Ferry Elementary School to use across the curriculum for research, presentations and communication and in helping them become self-directed learners. Jack McKelvey submitted the grant.

" After-school teacher pay for the Homework Club program in the district’s five focus schools — Defer, Ferry, Poupard, Trombly and Mason. The club reinforces skills covered during the school day for students identified as having the greatest need. Maureen Bur submitted the grant.

" Nine PASCO SPARK mobile devices for measuring data in lab group experiments in science classes at Brownell Middle School. It’s a pilot program, with the possibility of expanding into Pierce and Parcells. Walter Charuba submitted the grant.

" Training for two counselors at Parcells for the WEB, Where Everyone Belongs, middle school orientation and transition program that’s modeled after the LINK program currently at both high schools. These mentor programs encourage positive relationships and strengthen the school culture by having trained eighth graders mentor incoming students throughout the year. Carla Palffy and Jennifer Sherman submitted the grant.

" Three Canon EOS Rebel digital cameras with cases, tripods and light kits for the middle school art departments. The equipment will help capture high-quality photographs for use in students’ online digital portfolios and submissions to the Scholastic Art Awards. Natalie Zoufal submitted the grant.

" Building equipment for South’s solar car team to assist the team’s efforts to design and build a solar car to race in the 2014 Dell-Winston Solar Car Challenge. Nicholas Morris, Sam Hoffman and Harrison Krasner submitted the grant.

" A SkiFi wireless telescope controller, accessories and video display monitor for astronomy and earth science students at Grosse Pointe North High School to allow for better observations during special occurrences at night. Ardis Herrold submitted the grant.

" Four iPads and the Rundown Creator software to help broadcast journalism students at North create announcements for the Norsemen News, enabling them to update scripts and share updates instantly between computer graphics, the teleprompter and producers. Brian Stackpoole submitted the grant.

" Four iPad Minis and four Apple TVs with accessories for teachers at Brownell and Parcells, as well as 10 additional Apple TVs with adaptor cables for pilot programs at South. The technology allows teachers to teach from anywhere in the classroom and builds a more interactive and collaborative learning environment. Gary Abud submitted the grant.

" Materials, parts and machinery maintenance for the Gearheads FIRST Robotics team, a joint effort of North and South students, as it prepares its 2014 robot for competition in future FIRST Robotics tournaments. Steven Beckett submitted the grant.

In all, the Foundation reviewed 42 grant submissions during this grant cycle.

“In this particular grant cycle, the GPFPE has been very fortunate to be able to award 20 amazing new grants written by our own Grosse Pointe Public School System staff,” said Christie Scoggin, grant supervisor.

“Most of these grants!are pilot educational opportunities that will help the school system to make informative decisions for future programs across our district.”

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