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Committee encourages yes vote

December 05, 2013
A group of Grosse Pointe residents calling themselves the GP Tech Yes Steering Committee is urging community members to “vote yes” on the Grosse Pointe Public School System’s technology bond proposal at the Feb. 25 election.

The committee, co-chaired by George McMullen and Laura Monahan and with Allison Baker as its secretary, formed in anticipation of the GPPSS Board of Education’s Nov. 25 approval of the multi-series, $50 million bond that would fund upgrades and improvements to the district’s infrastructure, safety and security and technology.

“A group of us started getting together and talking about!anticipating that (the bond is) going to pass and what we could do to start it with a good push,” Baker said at the Nov. 25 meeting.

Their decision — and the committee’s mission — was and is to inform residents about the district’s need for the bond to pass in February and to encourage resident support.

“We have been a GPPSS family for seven years now, and in that time, I have had the opportunity to help out in my children’s classrooms quite a bit, and thus have been able to witness firsthand how horribly outdated their computer systems are,” said resident Andrea Rogos.

“They take forever to boot up, frequently crash, and are very slow. My son is currently taking a sixth grade computer class at Parcells (Middle School), and he frequently complains about how outdated the programs are, how badly the computers run, and that they are not able to complete assignments in the class because of frequent problems with the computers.”

The committee encourages any residents interested in joining to visit its website at gptechyes.org or its Facebook page, facebook.com/gptechyes, or e-mail the committee at gptechyes@gmail.com.

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