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North students Grace Tallarek, Emily Murray, Lauren Nyquist and Alex Greene, from a May gettogether, work on painting the Norsemen-themed fish. Photo by Renee Landuyt
July 11, 2013
A group of art honor students at Grosse Pointe North High School have collaborated since November on the design and painting of a Norsemen-themed perch, a gift to the school from Chuck Gabel, of Gabel Financial Services.

Just as Grosse Pointe South High School has its own school fish, Gabel felt North should have its own as well and bought the unpainted perch during the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce’s GpFish Auction Bash in October.

It was the only undecorated fish available at the auction.

“It’ll be (the North students’) fish, that’s the neat thing about it,” said North art teacher Susan Forrest, who supervised the design and painting processes.

Once they had the design — a yellow fish with the Norsemen logo on each side and a green gradient flowing from the logo down to the fish’s caudal fin, or tail — students met for a few hours after school about once a week to paint.

Led by sophomore Lauren Nyquist, who Forrest said completed about 90 percent of the design, the group consisted of a variety of students; though, a consistent group of six or seven students completed most of the work.

“It’s really fun to do and it makes me feel all school pride,” said senior Grace Tallarek, part of that main group along with senior Mira Shenouda, junior Emily Murray, sophomore Jamie Lackner, sophomore Alex Greene and Nyquist.

— A.J. Hakim

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