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Beline Obeid

Teachers selected for scholarship

June 13, 2013
Fifth grade teachers Nicole Cole, Richard Elementary School, and Barb Davis, Maire Elementary School, were recently selected as scholarship recipients for the 24th Annual Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute, July 15 to 21, in Williamsburg, Virg.

Scholarships cover the cost of tuition, air and ground transportation to and from the institute.

According to the institute’s website, the intensive six-day program is designed for U.S. history and government teachers, to enhance their ability to teach the subject.

Elementary and middle school sessions focus on colonial and “early nation” periods on location in Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown.

“During these sessions, 25 participants and a mentor teacher engage in an interdisciplinary approach to teaching social studies with American history as the focus,” it says on the website. “Teachers have the opportunity to exchange ideas with noted historians, meet character interpreters, and take part in reenactments of 18th-century events.”

Scholarships were awarded to six elementary, middle or high school U.S. history teachers in Michigan.

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