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South students rate superior, excellent

January 31, 2013
Grosse Pointe South High School band and orchestra students participated in the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association District XVI Solo and Ensemble Festival last Saturday, Jan. 26, at Rochester High School.

Of South’s performances, 42 events received a first division medal, or superior rating, and 20 events earned a second division medal, or excellent rating. Students were adjudicated on multiple elements, including tone, intonation, rhythm, technique and interpretation.

All first division medalists qualified for the MSBOA State Solo and Ensemble Festival held Saturday, March 23, at Farmington Hills Harrison High School.

First division medalists were: Hannah Adams, Chenoa Gachupin, Spencer Korejwo and Jeannine Degnan, string quartet; Drew Meeker, Alyssa Campbell, Julia Doherty, Steven Archinal, Jared Ells, Tommy Clark, Brian Sutherland and Owen Pfaff, percussion octet; Shane Jackowski, Erin Donovan, Kevin Biglin and Sam Beckius, woodwind quartet; Alyssa Campbell, violin solo; Daniel Harris and Ellen High, string duet; Jeannine Degnan, cello solo; Maddie Burgoyne and Claire Huebner, woodwind duet; Drew Meeker, marimba solo; Erika Miciuda and Rebecca Adams, string duet; Hannah Adams, violin solo; Julia Doherty, marimba solo; Maddie Burgoyne and Samantha Carr, woodwind duet; Ellen High, cello solo; Maddie Burgoyne, flute solo; Kimberly Barbour, piano solo; Joseph Boyle, double bass solo; Drake Lyon, violin solo; Claire Huebner, flute solo; Samantha Carr, oboe solo; Alyssa Campbell, Andrew Eaton, Alexandra Richards and Elliot Carter, string quartet; Cara Dietz, Laboney Khan and Sharon Zeng, string trio; Chenoa Gachupin, violin solo; Madeline McDonnell, violin solo; Andrew Eaton, violin solo; Laboney Khan, violin solo; Katie Dalman and Laboney Khan, string duet; Spencer Korejwo and Alexandra Richards, string duet; Cara Dietz, cello solo; Elliot Carter, cello solo; Sunny Xia and Aubry Leggatt, string duet; Spencer Korejwo, viola solo; Claire Morrison and Shane Jackowski, woodwind duet; Cara Dietz, Laboney Khan and Sharon Zeng, string trio; Margaret Sohn, cello solo; Nicholas Morris, piano solo; Roy Bai, piano solo; Ally Dalman and Emma Rooney, woodwind duet; Emily Muhich, flute solo; Shelby Howe, trombone solo; Shane Jackowski, alto sax solo; Griffin Grams, trombone solo; and Nick Morris, French horn solo.

The following students earned second division medals: Rebecca Adams, Erika Miciuda, Deirdre McKeever and Alexander Peabody, string quartet; Zoe Pidgeon and Sydney Simoncini, string duet; Mary Quinn and Sarah Buttiglieri, brass duet; Grant Lobert, violin solo; Alex Mitchell and Klara Gellci, woodwind duet; Sarah Knust, viola solo; Griffin Grams and Beth Crader, brass duet; Claire Morrison, Samantha Carr, Kaitlyn LaMagno, Paulina Cywinski and Savannah Rana, woodwind quintet; Alexander Peabody, harp solo; Joseph Rabaut, violin solo; Savannah Rana, clarinet solo; Trevor Henry and Gabriel Martinez, string duet; Shannon McGlone, French horn solo; Leticia Hernandez and Hannah Peck, string duet; Alexander Peabody, cello solo; Sharon Zeng, violin solo; Annika Nixon and Kimberly Baetz, string duet; Mary Quinn, trumpet solo; Tristan Russano, double bass solo; and James Wang, viola solo.

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