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Beline Obeid

Rewarding positive behavior

January 03, 2013
Students Khamani Jones and Chauncey Hodges assembled around fellow group member, Jalen Jamison, watching as he wrote out a message on an ornament-shaped note, the finishing touch to their donation. It read, "Hope you enjoy PBJ, signed Jalen Jamison, Khamani Jones and Chauncey Hodges."

Jamison, Jones and Hodges joined about 330 other students at Poupard Elementary School, in separate sessions divided by grade, in making 250 peanut butter and jelly or cheese sandwiches Tuesday, Dec. 18, and preparing them for donation to New Breed Church in Detroit.

Some of the 330 Poupard Elementary School students and teachers making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches include, from left, Klay Cole, Ben Jenny, teacher Julie Mayo, Anthony Topau, teacher Cheryl Gawel, Title I reading specialist Lori Woznicki, principal Penny Stocks, Lauren Koppitch, Areannia McDonald, Lauryn Davis, Elora Gee and Hailey Moreland
Paper bag donations consisted of a sandwich, snack, juice box, handwritten note and candy cane. Students also decorated each bag, drawing holiday-themed pictures, such as snowmen and Santas and reindeer and sleighs.

"This is going to be used (Thursday)," said Lori Woznicki, Title I reading specialist. "(The church is) taking around 150 underprivileged, some homeless kids, on an outing (Thursday). The sandwiches that Poupard makes will be their dinner (Thursday). The rest of them will be for their warming center for their other families."

Event participation hinged on a student's behavior during the month, Woznicki said, as part of the school's Positive Behavior Support program. Those "doing the right thing, following the rules, doing everything that they can for the whole month," for their positive behavior, were awarded the opportunity to commit a final "nice act" before holiday break, an act Jamison and others considered a fun experience.

"It's a fun experience just to help out homeless people, the people that can't afford food," Jamison said.

As an additional reward, after finishing packaging the group's donation and before returning to class, students and staff during each session performed the Koo Koo Kanga Roo Dance-A-Long video, No Crust.

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