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Beline Obeid

Board approves superintendent goals


October 04, 2012
Though procedural and documental changes to the current board policy are forthcoming, the Grosse Pointe Public School System Board of Education thought it best to approve a set of superintendent goals for 2012-2013 at its Monday, Sept. 24, regular meeting. The approval passed by a 6-1 vote, with vice president Lois Valente dissenting, citing the need to align the board policy and documentation with recent changes to state law that revamp the superintendent evaluation process into a more formalized structure.“When president (Judy) Gafa and I looked at a variety of models for the evaluation process and for both sides, that new process will tighten this up so it will all flow … will all be a repetitive theme and message,” Valente said. “It’s just finding, trying to get all these pieces that we keep seeing into a more formalized, committed structure, with quite frankly, less goals. There’s goals everywhere — there’s strands, there’s focus areas, there’s high-level performance indicators — and I wouldn’t be able to report that and keep focused on this many goals in any way, shape or form.”The revised board policy is pending policy committee review and recommendation, which, according to committee chair Brendan Walsh, would’ve delayed approval of goals up to two months. Rather than extend the process, the board approved its already established criteria, along with several additional goals submitted by superintendent Tom Harwood. It’ll make the necessary amendments when recommended by the committee. “There’s always opportunity for continuous improvement, and if new goals had to be brought forward, I would think that we could bring those forward throughout the year,” trustee Tom Jakubiec said.Harwood’s responsibilities as superintendent are laid out in 14 goals in board policy 1230. In addition, he included several others relating to the district’s current push toward student assessment and data analysis, a district continuous improvement plan and implementation, marketing initiatives, improving instructional technologies and fiscal management. The goals are as follow: •Continue the development of administrative guidelines and revisions to the policies of the board of education as needed in alignment with board policy recommendations;•Engage in the analysis of multivariate assessment of student growth and development in correlation with subgroup population demographic data to determine trends;•Facilitate the implementation of effective instructional strategies and procedures to enhance learning and academic growth for diverse student populations;•Continuously update the board of education of progress and/or necessary revisions to the continuous improvement plan and related action steps to meet the identified goals;•Enhance the district’s communication and marketing initiatives to keep residents informed of district programs and services through community and family partnerships that will maintain and increase resident student enrollment;•Develop an instructional strategic plan that identifies specific goals and objectives to enhance educational programs and instructional practices for 21st Century learning;•Coordinate with the technology department on the progress and implementation of the approved board resolution on infrastructure modifications to improve technology performance across the district;•Facilitate a working relationship with the Grosse Pointe Foundation for Public Education in their support of infusing student and staff use of instructional technology devices across the district; and•Continue to work with the board regarding budget parameters to determine areas of efficiency and cost containment in order to maintain fiscal integrity and sustain high quality programs and services in the Grosse Pointe Public School System.

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