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BB gunplay draws half dozen PSOs

Brad Lindberg Staff Writer
July 20, 2017
GROSSE POINTE FARMS and SHORES — At least a half dozen public safety officers from two communities responded early Sunday, May 7, to a report of a man in a white Ford Focus on westbound Lakeshore waving a pistol at a 19-year-old female motorist from Grosse Pointe Shores.

She had three teenage passengers in the car.

Grosse Pointe Shores police learned of the incident at 12:04 a.m. from the female’s father.

“(She) stated that somewhere between Provencal and Moross the passenger was waving a gun out the window,” reported a Shores patrolman.

“She recognized them from school, but did not know them personally or their names,” added a lieutenant, not naming the school.

A Farms officer located the Focus on northbound Moross.

“Officers effected a high-risk stop,” reported Office Vince Finn.

A sergeant found what looked like a Saturday night special under the driver’s seat. It turned out to be a $34.95 Umarex TDP45 BB gun.

“The gun was designed to look like an actual firearm,” Finn said.

Officers arrested the driver, 19, of Detroit, for brandishing a weapon.

“(He) indicated he was not the one that had been shooting (the) BB gun,” Finn reported.

A second suspect, a 15-year-old Grosse Pointe Woods male, was identified as a passenger in the Focus, but wasn’t on scene during the stop.

A fourth Farms officer questioned the female at her house.

“(She) indicated the two suspects were known to her as students that attend (a private) school with her,” reported the officer.

Guns, fake or not, don’t mix with cars.

“The victim they point a gun at might panic and crash into something,” Farms Detective Tom Shimko.

Farms police asked area jurisdictions to forward reports of BB gun damage.

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