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Farms seeks fireworks quiet time


August 28, 2014
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — Municipal officials are using a Princess on the Pea technique to fight fireworks.

They're slipping an ordinance limiting local fireworks under a stack of state and federal statutes regulating the same.

"The intent is to restrict the use of explosive and fireworks to the greatest extent allowed by Michigan law," said Shane Reeside, Grosse Pointe Farms city manager.

A draft ordinance restricting the permitted use of consumer fireworks is due for review at the 8 p.m. Monday, Sept. 8, Grosse Pointe Farms city council meeting.

"With the state loosening what could be ignited, there's been an explosion in the use of fireworks, no pun intended," Reeside said. "We've heard a lot of complaints from our residents that it's disruptive, with fireworks creating havoc on people's personal peace."

"People fire them off when they're not supposed to or when you'd think common courtesy would prohibit it," added Derrick Kozicki, Farms city clerk. "We've gotten requests for stricter rules."

The proposed ordinance bans the ignition of fireworks within city boundaries 97 percent of the year.

Fireworks are limited from 8 am. to midnight on the days before, of and after 10 national holidays:

New Year's Day, Jan. 1;

Martin Luther King Jr.'s, birthday, the third Monday in January;

George Washington's birthday (Presidents Day), the third Monday in February;

Memorial Day, the last Monday in May;

Independence Day, July 4;

Labor Day, the first Monday in September;

Columbus Day, the second Monday in October;

Veterans' Day, Nov. 11;

Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday, in November and

Christmas Day, Dec. 25.

Hours on New Year's Day are extended from immediately after midnight to 1 a.m.

"The ignition, discharge and use of consumer fireworks shall be prohibited within the boundaries of the city at all other times," according to the ordinance.

Violation is a civil infraction punishable by a fine up to $500.

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