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Pet Supplies Plus coming to town


August 21, 2014
CITY OF GROSSE POINTE — Unlike early in the lengthy recession when a tenant leaving the Village could portend a storefront staying vacant for an extended time, a recent departure is being filled on the flip side.

Corner space in Kercheval Place, vacated recently by Coldwater Creek women's clothing store, is being filled next year by Pet Supplies Plus.

The location is a half block from The Barkery, a sole-proprietor pet store.

"It will be a great addition," City of Grosse Pointe Councilman John Stempfle told a representative of Pet Supplies. "I hope The Barkery, which has been here for eight years, is able to prosper with you here. We hope both of you do well."

Ryan Johnson, Pet Supplies Plus real estate manager, said the businesses target different markets.

"(The Barkery's) clientele is higher-end and boutiquey," Johnson said. "We service the mass grocer."

Pet Supplies officials needed endorsement from the planning commission because the 6,700-square-foot store exceeds the 5,000-square-foot threshold requiring special use approval.

The commission comprises the mayor and city council.

City Planner John Jackson looks forward to the store's arrival.

"The location, size and intensity of the uses will be compatible with the surrounding retail uses, which include Trader Joe's, Jos. Bank, Ann Taylor and others," Jackson said.

The location "is ideal for retail," he added. "It has a dedicated loading area in back and direct internal access to the designated service area for deliveries and refuse removal."

Pet Supplies Plus is native to metropolitan Detroit.

"We have over 300 stores nationwide," Johnson said. "We're excited about the downtown atmosphere that Grosse Pointe offers."

New customers aren't expected to overload Village parking capacity.

"The retail use will generate the same amount of parking demand as the previous one," Jackson said. "Additional parking is not required."

Company designers included a new customer door on Notre Dame, nearer the parking deck behind Kercheval Place than the store's main entrance on Kercheval.

Customers are forbidden to load purchases into vehicles parked curbside on Notre Dame.

"Their employees will assist customers by bringing larger items to their cars located in the parking deck," Jackson said. "Customers will not be allowed to pull up along Notre Dame for temporary loading."

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