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Beline Obeid

Local election results

August 07, 2014
In Grosse Pointe Woods, voter turnout was 34 percent.

In contested races, Hansen Clarke took 891 votes with Rudy Hobbs finishing second for Democrats with 801. Christina Conyers was the uncontested Republican on the ballot and received 1,433 votes in the Woods.

Democrat incumbent Bert Johnson easily won in the Woods with 1,065 votes. The next challenger, John Olumba, had 234. Republican Mark Ashley Price had 1,534 votes and was uncontested in the primary.

For 1st District state representative, John Hauler took 1,580 votes in the uncontested Republican ballot. Incumbent Brian Banks finished third in the Woods with 368 votes, compared to 833 for Rebecca Thompson and 558 for city councilman Michael Koester.

County executive on the Democrat side went to William Wild in Grosse Pointe Woods, with 856 votes. Warren Evans, the overall winner in Wayne County, had 620, while Phil Cavanagh (333) and Kevin McNamara (100) beat incumbent Robert Ficano. John Dalton won the Republican side in the Woods with 489 votes, to 366 for Daniel Wenderlich and 344 for Fred Bolden.

County commissioner (1st District) saw John Steininger unopposed on the Republican side with 1,477 votes. Incumbent Tim Killeen took 76 percent of the Woods Democrat vote at 1,387, with Frank Accavitti Jr. finishing with 302.

Proposal 1 passed 2,945 to 1,342 in the Woods. The SMART millage passed 2,729 to 1,653. The RESA enhancement mill failed 2,791 to 1,481.

In Grosse Pointe Shores, 29 percent voted Aug. 5.

In contested races, Clarke was again the clear winner with 139 votes to Hobbs' 79 on the Democrat side. Bert Johnson again won easily in the Shores state senator race, with 122 votes to 30 for Olumba.

Thompson (96) easily took the 1st District state representative majority with Koester (71) and incumbent Banks (38) following.

County executive had Wild winning in the Shores on the Democrat ballot with 159 votes, followed by Evans with 63. Ficano only pulled 10 votes in the city.

Fred Bolden won the Republican side with 84 votes.

For county commissioner, the Shores had 274 votes for Steininger on the Republican side and supported incumbent Killeen on the Democrat side with 144 votes. Accavitti and Latisha Johnson finished with 65 and 16 respectively.

Proposal 1 passed in the Shores, 469-173. SMART passed by a tighter margin, 347 to 297. The RESA millage failed 441 to 152.

In Grosse Pointe Farms, contested races started with the 14th District Congressional seat where Clarke was edged by Hobbs 540 to 510. Bert Johnson took the Farms' Democrat vote with 583 votes, followed by Olumba with 192.

State representative for the 2nd District saw Daniel Lamar take the unopposed Republican ballot with 738 votes. On the Democrat side, Andrew Casazza easily took the Farms vote by a 724 to 291 margin over incumbent Alberta Tinsley Talabi.

The Farms voted for Republican Dalton (227) for county executive over Wenderlich (163) and Bolden (159). On the Democratic side, Wild was again the clear winner in the Farms with 676 votes. Evans finished with 268 votes. Unopposed Republican Steininger had 684 votes for the County Commission District 1 seat. For Democrats, Farms voters supported incumbent Killeen with 764 votes. Accavitti had 182.

In the Farms, Proposal 1 passed 1,613 to 654. The SMART millage renewal passed 1,378 to 905 and the RESA millage failed 1,342 to 675.

In the City of Grosse Pointe, 28 percent of registered voters cast a ballot. For 14th District Congress, Clarke had 323 votes to 282 to Hobbs. In the State Senator race, Bert Johnson had 398 votes to Olumba's 75 for the Democrats. In other contested races, the 2nd District State Representative race saw Republican Lamar unopposed with 363 votes. For Democrats, Casazza easily beat incumbent Tinsley Talabi 379 to 201.

For county executive, Dalton won the Republican nod in the City of Grosse Pointe with 140 votes. Bolden had 84 and Wenderlich had 77. For Dems, Wild had 371 votes to lead the way followed by Evans at 199. Incumbent Ficano had 21 votes in the City.

County Commissioner 1st District was won easily by Killeen over Accavitti, 475 to 113.

Proposal 1 passed 867-359. The SMART millage passed 791 to 447. The RESA proposal failed 803-364.

Results for Grosse Pointe Park were not sent.

Overall in contested races in Wayne County, Republican Dalton won the County Executive nod for the general election with 15,759 votes to 10,395 for Bolden and 9,510 for Wenderlich.

Democrat Clarke moved on in the 14th District Congressional race with 16,745 votes (40.5 percent). In the 2nd District State Senator race, Bert Johnson won with 63 percent of the vote with 10,407, compared to 3,663 for John Olumba.

Votes outside the Grosse Pointes helped Banks move on with 3,319 votes, to 2,645 for Thompson. Votes outside Grosse Pointe also send Tinsely Talabi to the general election for 2nd District State Representative, beating out Casazza 5,415 to 2,316.

For county executive on the Democrat ticket, Evans will move on to November with 68,801 votes compared to 40,932 for his closest challenger, Wild.

For 1st District County Commissioner, incumbent Killeen had 61 percent of the votes with 6,716.

Proposal 1 in Wayne County passed 140,893 to 72,670. The SMART millage passed 53,349-30918. The Wayne RESA narrowly lost, 101,094 to 97,698.

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