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July 24, 2014
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — Vacant land inside the 1100 Lakeshore curve is tagged for construction of a small hotel.

Plans aren't firm, but the concept's on paper.

"It's in our site master plan, an inn-type of lodging," said Kathleen Mullins, president of the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House.

The field is part of the Ford estate, most of which is on the lake side of Lakeshore.

A hotel wouldn't share the estate's tax-exempt status, said Mary Matuja, chair of the Shores planning commission.

If a hotel is built, it means the bedroom community of Grosse Pointe Shores will have a commercial district beyond the tongue-in-cheek version comprised of vending machines at the municipal park.

"It's so necessary," Mullins said of a local inn.

The Grosse Pointes have no comparable facility available to the public.

"When we have individuals or consultants come to town, there are six rooms at the Country Club (of Detroit), or we have to house them downtown," Mullins said. "Then, we have to transport them back-and-forth."

"We have not seen a plan yet," Matuja said. "This is just in the stage of speaking about it."

She likes the prospect.

"Their master plan calls for a small type of unique hotel and shops, perhaps," Matuja said. "Hopefully, we will meet with them shortly to see how their ideas are coming."

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