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Beline Obeid

Road work continues in the Farms

June 19, 2014
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — Repaving lower Moross continues this week.

Yet, work on Mack from Grosse Pointe Park, through the City and into the Farms is better late than never. A breakdown of the project includes:

Lower Moross

On Moross, which rainy weather delayed, construction barrels line portions of the road in preparation for lane closings during resurfacing from Lakeshore past Ridge.

Detour signs direct motorists to Ridge and Kerby during construction.

"The project should go fairly quickly," said Shane Reeside, Farms manager. "It should be finished within a couple of weeks."

On Mack, a multi-jurisdictional road, water main repairs on the Detroit side of the street kicked repaving to the curb.

The delay stands at three months.

"Road work won't start until Aug. 1," Reeside said. "We thought it would be done in early summer."

Traffic on Mack will be maintained during lane-by-lane resurfacing on both sides of the street from Harvard in Grosse Pointe Park, through the City past Moross in the Farms.

According to an intergovernmental agreement with Detroit and Wayne County, the Pointes' share of the $2.8 million project is:

City, $61,451,

Farms, $45,419 and

Park, $4,672.

Upper Moross

Construction beside the southbound curb of Moross at and around Chalfonte is unrelated to road resurfacing.

DTE Energy crews are tending a host of old, buried natural gas lines.

"It's a pretty major project," Reeside said. "They patched them during winter, but are now replacing a lot of ancient infrastructure."

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