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Municipalities look at joint dispatch

June 19, 2014
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — Council members added the city to a grant application to build a joint public safety dispatch center.

The state grant reimburses Grosse Pointe Farms, Shores and Woods up to $500,000 in capital costs to consolidate dispatch and prisoner lock-ups at Woods headquarters.

"(The) Farms has particular interest in the new lock-up facility being proposed that meets current standards and provides a net increase in the number of jail cells," said Shane Reeside, Farms manager. "The grant would also fund video equipment that could facilitate video arraignments."

Grant money covers costs of constructing and equipping a combined facility.

Lock-ups and dispatching already are partially consolidated to save expenses.

The Shores contracts both services to the Farms, as does the City to the Park.

The proposed next step reduces the number of lock-ups in the Pointes from three — in the Farms, Park and Woods — to two, in the Park and Woods.

Farms action this month follows the state telling Woods officials in April the grant was awarded conditionally through the treasury department's Competitive Grant Assistance Program.

To complete the deal, the Farms, Woods and Shores must provide the state additional information by June 2, according to an April 1 letter that Evah Cole, of the treasury's office of revenues and tax analysis, wrote to Woods Administrator Skip Fincham.

"Submission of (the information) will be considered an agreement to all provisions specified in the grant application and will signify acceptance of the grant award," Cole wrote.

Farms and Shores councils also must pass resolutions accepting the state's terms.

"By passing the resolution, the Farms will not be committed to expend any funds, but will continue dialogue with (the) Woods regarding the costs and benefits of further consolidation of dispatch and lockup," Reeside said.

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