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Beline Obeid

Lot 6, you're up next

June 19, 2014
CITY OF GROSSE POINTE — Another municipal parking lot in the Village is due for reconstruction this year.

Work centers on Lot 6.

The lot is located off of Kercheval Place, a one-way (west) alley on the south side of Kercheval between Notre Dame and Cadieux in the City of Grosse Pointe.

City officials budgeted $572,000 from the parking fund to pay for the work.

A construction contract is likely to be awarded during the 7 p.m. Monday, Aug. 18 council meeting, according to Gary Huvaere, director of public services.

"Construction will take place in late summer and early fall," Huvaere said.

Upon completion, there will be three rows containing 39 parking spaces combined and a trash compactor at the rear. All but two spaces are diagonal.

I've been here 32 years and this is a long time coming," said Mike Kramer, a Village merchant.

He called the enclosed compactor "a huge improvement."

New parking spaces are to be wider than in Lot 1, behind Kroger, often criticized as too cramped, according to Huvaere.

"The newly adopted city standard for parking spaces was adopted after Kroger was put in place," said Peter Dame, city manger.

Spaces in Lot 2 will be the same size as in lots 2 and 3, north of Kercheval between Notre Dame and Neff, he added.

The trash compactor, for use by nearby businesses, is being screened by a decorative masonry wall.

"The design of the enclosure would be similar to the design in Lot 2," Huvaere said.

Parking meters are being replaced by a central pay station, with cash and credit card options.

Payment is made at the pay station after parking, but before leaving the lot to shop or dine in the district.

The lot won't be gated.

"City staff and engineers held a meeting June 9 with adjacent business and property owners to garner input on the layout," Huvaere said.

The approved layout had two to four more parking spaces than two alternatives, which also located the compactor at the front of the lot near Kercheval Place.

"(The approved) option had the most parking spaces and improved visibility and appearance issues by putting the trash enclosure in the back of the lot," Huvaere said.

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