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Beline Obeid

Dreams do come true with hard work

June 12, 2014
Tracy Halso Gap has energy for everyone. And that energy has paid off with a new dance studio she will open next week with her husband.

Kercheval Dance, in the Village of Grosse Pointe, is a dream come true for the 26-year-old University Liggett School graduate who grew up in the City of Grosse Pointe and resides there now.

Her joy comes from building the studio with her husband Adam, also a professional dancer.

"We met in Disney World at a dance convention in 2006," Tracy said. "She caught my attention and we talked that day. We were both from Michigan and we started to date long distance."

Really long distance.

Adam was a performer for a cruise line and many of their conversations were ship to shore.

On his recommendation, Tracy attended Oklahoma City University, known for dance and a school Adam attended. After five years of dating, they married in 2011.

"We were lucky we found each other," Tracy said. "We work really well together and so we started working on our dream."

The dream was a studio. With her family in Grosse Pointe and Adam's in the Grand Rapids area, they scouted Michigan for the best spot.

"We did our homework because this is our dream," Tracy Gap said. "Grosse Pointe is a great place to raise a family. We decided this is the best.

"This is a very supportive community."

In planning the business, Tracy said the unknown has been a little scary, but she's learned plenty about construction along the way.

"I like to plan," she said. "You don't always get to do that when you start a business. The studio part is they easy part. We've been around studios all of our lives. But construction on the studio has been a quick learning experience."

The experience for those who attended classes at the studio, will come from years of experience and professional dancing.

Tracy has performed at Walt Disney World, Kings Dominion and Dorney Park. She studied and performed with dance companies, including Dance Magazine's Original Dance Company," Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago, Tulsa Baleet, American Spirit Dance Company and Oakland Dance Theater. She has judged for Dance Masters of America and taught all styles of dance in Michigan, Massachusetts and Oklahoma.

"Tracy and I truly believe that maybe we weren't exposed to all that dance could offer us, so it's what we want to help provide here," Adam said.

"This is a great community with families who value the arts and education."

Tracy said dance helped her with focus and structure.

"It's a joy to share dancing with others," Tracy said. "Some of our students will have dance in their lives forever. It's a true mind and body experience.

Tracy is the artistic director and teacher, while Adam is studio director and teacher. Together, they look forward to being involved in the community.

"We will be a part of Grosse Pointe and we can't wait," Tracy said. "We'll have something for everyone from 2 years old through high school, with adult programs too."

And not to worry, Tracy will lead with energy for everyone.

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