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More gardens to sponsor

June 05, 2014
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — The legend of Sisyphus is a perennial in the marketing gimmickry of Sponsor a Garden.

Each year since 2010, the Grosse Pointe Shores Beautification Commission solicits private sponsors of public gardens.

Akin to that fruitless offender of the Greek gods fated to forever push a boulder up a hill only for it to repeatedly roll back short of the crest, there always are more gardens to sponsor than there are sponsors.

"We never sponsor them all because we keep trying to add more and more as people step up to the plate to sponsor," said Helen Bai, beautification chair.

Donations are pooled to buy annuals or bulbs for municipal gardens throughout the Shores.

Some 57 municipal gardens are included in the program, but not each year.

Of 24 gardens currently offered for tax-deductible sponsorships up to $200, all but 11 are supported.

Still available for $100 sponsorships are, according to a list in the lobby of city hall:

municipal building parking lot,

Regal cul-de-sac,

Michaux cul-de-sac,

Osius Park gate house driveway,

Osius Park, inside Lakeshore fence, south,

Osius Park, inside Lakeshore fence, north,

Osius Park, parking lot median,

Osius park, battleship row shed,

municipal building, walkway to council chambers, and

municipal building, sidewalk to Lakeshore.

Sponsor names appear on tiles in their respective gardens.

Gardens also are supported in memory or honor of someone else.

The garden around the recently refurbished horse trough inside the circular driveway to city hall is due for a new scheme.

Yew in the garden came up short from the harsh winter.

"We've covered our flower budget with sponsors and, hopefully, have some left over to do renovation at the horse trough," Bai said. "That taxis took a terrible hit. We're going to remove those."

A hedge is planned.

To sponsor a garden this year, call city hall at (313) 881-6565.

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