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Williams blames police, prosecutor, wife and lawyer

Myron Williams, left, was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Sabrina Gianino. photo by Kathy Ryan.

May 01, 2014
DETROIT — Myron Williams was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the May 2013 murder of Grosse Pointe Park resident Sabrina Gianino.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Ulysses Boykin handed down the mandatory sentence on Wednesday, April 23.

A jury found Williams guilty of felony murder on March 27, following a nearly three-week trial. Williams also was found guilty of second degree murder and unarmed robbery. He will serve eight to 15 years concurrently for the robbery and Boykin vacated the second degree murder sentence, which also meant life in prison.

Prior to the sentencing, Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor Molly Kettler read a letter from Verona Gianino, Sabrina's mother, that told of the impact her daughter's death had upon her. Verona Gianino had been in court every day of the trial and wept as Kettler read her letter.

"My daughter was a beautiful person inside and out," Kettler read. "I will cry for her every day of my life. I have to live with the pain and fear he caused my daughter. I hope he will rot in hell."

A friend of Sabrina Gianino's read at least a dozen letters from co-workers and friends, most of whom spoke of her love for life and animals.

"Her loss can't be measured," one said, while another said, "She touched so many people in her short life."

Williams rolled his eyes and shook his head as the victim impact statements were read.

When Boykin gave him a chance to speak, Williams gave a rambling statement that indicted everyone but himself in the murder.

"The Grosse Pointe Park police framed me," he said, before launching an attack on the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office, his wife, who testified against him, and his lawyer.

"My lawyer didn't represent me," Williams charged, "he only represented himself."

Then, while waving an envelope with his shackled hands, he proclaimed, "I have the evidence. They all set me up, but they can't shut me up. This case is like Swiss cheese with a lot of holes in it. I'll be back."

With that, Williams was led out of the courtroom by a few of the six Wayne County Sheriff deputies who stood by during the sentencing.

Following the sentence, Chief of Police David Hiller reacted to Williams' comments.

"Before a convicted murderer casts aspersions on my department, it will be a cold day in hell," he said. "My guys did a great job, and the jury did an even better job in convicting him. He got what he deserved."

Sabrina Gianino was found strangled in the early morning hours of May 16 by her boyfriend in a flat they shared on Wayburn in Grosse Pointe Park.

She was strangled with an electric cord and beaten about the face and head.

Williams, who lived next door to Gianino, was arrested after a cellphone belonging to the victim was turned in to Grosse Pointe Park police by a family member of a drug dealer who said he had given crack cocaine to Williams in exchange for the phone and other items belonging to Gianino.

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