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Election dust settles


March 06, 2014
The $50.2 million bond for the Grosse Pointe Public School System failed in last week's election by a tally of 8,617 to 3,718.

District Superintendent Tom Harwood said the administration and board of education will now look at what it can do within the budget to make necessary purchases and upgrades.

"I appreciate many individuals coming forth and giving us their opinion," Harwood said. He also indicated the district would be in favor of a community forum to address the concerns and work toward a solution.

The Grosse Pointe News has contacted groups on both sides of the ballot proposal to schedule a forum. An announcement should come in the next week.

Harwood said the district won't rush bringing another proposal to the ballot.

"We'll evaluate everything," Harwood said.

Former board president John Steininger said communication and a clear plan will be key.

"Generally speaking, a tax increase of this magnitude is a difficult sell, even in solid economic times," he said. "But selling it to an already highly taxed, recession-weary public is nearly impossible."

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