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Beline Obeid

February 27, 2014
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — A perceived insult regarding the placement of his name among authors of a 200-page municipal report shows that, to Councilman Dan Schulte, its location, location, location.

"My name was removed altogether from the committee list on the back page and separated from the committee on the opening page," Schulte said minutes into this month's Grosse Pointe Shores city council meeting.

He was reacting to an announcement at the Tuesday, Feb. 18, council meeting by Alan Broad, chairman of the volunteer citizens Blue Ribbon Operations Committee, that a presentation the committee's assessment of municipal efficiencies was being delayed one month.

"The presentation has been postponed to allow the committee to address the demands of the council liaison, Dan Schulte, that his contributions to the report be more extensively recognized," Broad said. "The substance of the report is final and will not change."

"I would really not like to get into this, Alan," Schulte responded, "But, since you brought up the fact that this has been delayed because of me, we need to tell the truth."

Schulte said someone altered his e-mail address to make it appear he'd received and approved a printer's draft of the report, which turned out to be different from hard copies Broad distributed at the council meeting.

In the printed version, Schulte's name is listed in the introduction, page 3, as "council liaison."

His name and title are separated below a list of nine committee members by one blank line of type.

On page 25 of the printed edition — which is generally regarded as the "back page," as Schulte referenced — his name doesn't appear among or next to members of the committee.

"I think what happened was as disgrace," Schulte said at the council meeting. "I don't know what the underlying reasons were to remove my name."

His grievance concerns not being listed among committee members.

"There is procedural correctness to Mr. Broad's assertion that a city council liaison to a working committee should not be a signatory to the committee's recommendation to the city council because the council liaison is, in the end, a member of the city council that will be considering and perhaps adopting the committee's recommendation," according to Brian Renaud, city attorney, after learning how Schulte's name appeared in the report.

Schulte called Broad's excuse "baloney, which is often the case."

He added, "I've had enough abuse here. "I've been pulled off almost every committee I've served on."

He was alluding to his removal as public relations liaison, as mayor pro tem after his arrest and plea on domestic violence charges and not being reappointed chairman of the planning commission nor liaison to the parks committee.

"If someone's worried about my name being on something because of something that happened that was not a city matter, I'm sorry about that," Schulte said at last week's council meeting. "I've done a good job as a councilman and as a committee member."

"OK. Next item," responded Mayor Ted Kedzierski, not answering Schulte's protest.

Schulte persisted.

He asked Kedzierski to ask Broad not distribute the report publicly.

Kedzierski declined.

"You have authority to say, 'Don't do it,'" Schulte told Kedzierski. "Now, come on, be a big guy here."

"OK," said Kedzierski, switching to other business. "Is there as question about the (municipal) check registry? If not, I invite a motion to approve the check register.

"So moved," said Councilman Robert Gessell.

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