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Beline Obeid

Three blamed for car break-ins

February 20, 2014
GROSSE POINTE FARMS — Thieves take what they can get.

Sometimes, police do, too.

Investigators are settling for misdemeanor charges against three men suspected of breaking into parked cars this winter along Mack.

Although there isn't enough evidence to charge them with all of the break-ins, police are putting them through the ringer on a single, lesser crime of receiving and concealing stolen property worth under $1,000.

"They're pretty seasoned criminals. They wouldn't admit to anything except what they got caught with," said Detective Lt. Richard Rosati, of the Grosse Pointe Farms public safety department.

Police arrested them at about 8:15 p.m. Monday, Feb. 10, for possessing a laptop computer reportedly stolen minutes earlier from a Detroit woman's car parked behind a store in the 18300 block of Mack.

"We didn't catch them for larceny from auto, but they know we're on to them," Rosati said.

Arrested were:

Rodney Allen Sutton, 25, of Detroit,

Marcus Lamont Dockery, 32, of Highland Park, and

Omar James Allen, 28, of Detroit.

Sutton is wanted in Harper Woods on unspecified charges, according to police.

Dockery is on probation for shoplifting and wanted on an unspecified $350 warrant from 36th District Court, they added.

The misdemeanors are being prosecuted in Farms municipal court instead of circuit court.

"That sometimes works in our favor because we have more say about what happens to the individuals," Rosati said.

Judge Matthew Rumora arraigned the trio Wednesday, Feb. 12. He set bond for each at $5,000 cash.

"They thought it was excessive," Rosati said. "They only know about fairness to themselves."

The lesson may be sinking in.

"Back in the cell (after arraignment), we gave them something to eat and use of the telephone on the condition that they don't break into cars in our city any more," Rosati said. "One guy gave us a thumbs up."

The arrest

Farms Sgt. John Bruno caught the men within minutes of the car break-in.

Because the crime was similar an earlier incident after which the suspects fled to a parking lot behind businesses on Mack near Moross in Detroit, Bruno went straight to that location.

He spotted three men sitting in a black 2000 GMC sports utility vehicle.

During questioning, Bruno noticed a black laptop, as reported stolen, protruding from the storage area behind the SUV's front passenger seat.

"None of the occupants stated they knew who the laptop belonged to," Bruno said.

Grosse Pointe Woods officers provided back-up. A search of the vehicle also reportedly found:

three cell phones, a box containing a Cross pen, a Korg guitar tuner and a prescription bottle containing suspected Hydrocodon. The bottle wasn't in the name of any of the suspects.

"I took possession of the laptop and conducted a show-up with the victim," said Farms Officer Thomas Dionne. "(She) positively identified the laptop as hers and powered it up to confirm with her log-in and password."

Dionne also helped her place plastic over the shattered front passenger window of her 2013 Ford Focus.

At headquarters, Officers Matthew Hurner found five pills in one of Omar's pants pockets.

"(He) stated they were Vicodin and he does not have a prescription," Hurner said. "He advised that he has foot pain and gets the pills on the street."

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