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Beline Obeid
December 26, 2013
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — The prospect of love birds flying their separate ways has nothing to do with the city’s new $20 wedding fee being nonrefundable.

Nor does buyer’s remorse bear on the fee being collected at the time of the ceremony.

Members of the Grosse Pointe Shores city council are required by state law to set a fee for the mayor to conduct a marriage ceremony.

“I’ve had the honor of officiating at two weddings so far, one at the office and one at city hall,” said Mayor Ted Kedzierski.

The fee, collected by Kedzierski at the time of the marriage, is deposited in the city’s general fund.

The mayor of a Michigan city is authorized to conduct a marriage ceremony in the county the community is located.

“Grosse Pointe Shores is located in two counties (Wayne and Macomb),” Kedzierski said. “That allows the mayor to officiate over a wedding in those counties.

Fees vary by city, from no cost to at least $135, according to research obtained from nearly 20 cities by City Manager Mark Wollenweber.

“Some (cities) differentiate between residents and non-residents, whether the wedding’s at city hall or not,” Kedzierski said.

The Shores fee is a flat rate, no matter where the bride and groom live.

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