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Hill & Hill Tobacconists a community fixture

December 19, 2013
Jim Simon dozens of stories he's happy to share.

If you enjoy a good cigar or pipe, it's time well spent visiting Hill & Hill Tobacconists, a community fixture since 1974.

Located at 19529 Mack Ave., Grosse Pointe Woods, Hill & Hill's customers are greeted by Simon seven days a week.

His blends of pipe tobacco and his exclusive brand of cigars, Supremo EXL, not only make his store a destinations for tobacco users in Metro Detroit, but he ships his products all over the world.

He's happy to discuss his longtime business, the tobacco, humidors and other accessories he sells. He also talks about the comeback of pipes.

"A good pipe is a wonderful way to enjoy tobacco," Simon said, as he puffed on a Dominican handmade EXL. "I own 697 pipes personally. I've enjoyed collecting them."

Pipe tobacco from Hill & Hill was sold to the late "Sparky Anderson, the Fords, the Strohs and many others," Simon said. "Someone from President Bill Clinton's team stopped for cigars on a trip to town."

Simon, a Grosse Pointe Farms resident, said he has no plans to retire.

"I'm going to do this forever, and my wife knows it," Simon said with a laugh. "This is the best job you could have. I get to meet people of all professions."

Simon's most popular cigar, the EXL, is rolled special for Hill & Hill.

"It's a smooth, even burn with great flavor all the way through," Simon said. "There's really nothing like it out there."

His cigars, and the tobacco blends he produces with a secret ingredient "even my wife doesn't know," make Hill & Hill a destination for tobacco enthusiasts.

"There are three Toronto cops who come here on the occasional Wednesday they have off to pick up some the tobacco blend I make here," Simon said. "You meet many people. I have many loyal customers who have been coming here for years."

For more information, call Simon at (313) 882-9452 or visit him at

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