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Beline Obeid
December 19, 2013
CITY OF GROSSE POINTE — The little fire engine that can enters service next summer.

Classified as a mini-pumper, the truck meets the Class A insurance-rating standards of the full-sized fire truck it is replacing, according to Stephen Poloni, City of Grosse Pointe public safety director.

A mini-pumper is half the price of a full-sized pumper, but matches the larger truck’s 400-gallon onboard water supply and 17 gallons of foam.

Advantages of the small size and relatively light weight pumper include maneuvering in tight places, such as at the head of residential driveways, inside parking garages and on marina docks, Poloni said.

Trade-offs include less capacity to carry equipment, such as long ladders.

Poloni expects delivery in June or July.

During a mini-pumper demonstration earlier this year, representatives of the Grosse Pointe-Harper Woods mutual aid pact endorsed the smaller apparatus, Poloni said in September.

City officials accepted a $172,431 bid this week to buy the new truck from HME in Wyoming.

The price rises to $179,971 with the purchase of hose to meet standards of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration and National Fire Protection Association.

“There are 42 departments in the state that have purchased apparatus from HME,” Poloni said.

The new truck is a MiniEvo model, manufactured since August 2012 and built on a Ford F-550, 4-by-4 chassis.

The model is intended to satisfy “a market for a more maneuverable and cost-effective apparatus to fill the mini pumper role,” Poloni said. “Saugatuck owns this style of pumper and they rated the performance of the truck excellent.”

Representatives of “several” other communities endorsed the truck, too, he added.

The pumper being replaced is 34 years old and relegated to a back-up role.

Because it can’t be sold as a functioning fire truck, Poloni hopes to attract collectors.

“I don’t expect to get a lot for it, maybe $3,000 to $5,000,” he said.

The City is keeping its other pumper, built in 1999.

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