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Beline Obeid

December 19, 2013
Grosse Pointe Woods — Any homeowner left to deal with a difficult contractor can sympathize with Grosse Pointe Woods city officials.

In 2012, the city awarded a $689,100 contract to Lanzo Lining Services for sewer repair projects. After Lanzo's work was determined to be unsatisfactory, city engineer Scott Lockwood recommended the contract be canceled.

He brought that request to the Woods city council, noting even after several meetings, the contractor could not perform the work to Lockwood's satisfaction.

"The project has not progressed satisfactorily," Lockwood said in a letter to the council. "We have met with Lanzo Lining Services Inc. on several occasions and, despite several attempts by the contractor, the project has not gotten back on track."

Lockwood said he had spoken with representatives from Lanzo and they were agreeable to closing the contract before the contract was completed. Lanzo will receive payment of $175,060.

City officials agreed with Lockwood to award the contract for completion of the work to LiquiForce Services Inc., one of the original bidders on the project. Lockwood said he was confident LiquiForce could complete the work for the remaining amount of $514,040.

"We have worked with LiquiForce Services on several similar projects in nearby communities and they have performed satisfactorily," Lockwood said. "We have reviewed the remaining work and are confident the work can be completed with the balance of funds."

The Woods city administrator told the council he didn't think there would be any benefit for putting the completion of the project out for bids.

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