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December 05, 2013
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — The municipal administration intends to save money by providing members of the city council documents in electronic form rather than hard copies.

Councilmembers routinely receive packets of documents in preparation for monthly council and committee meetings.

Although the transition to paperless operations involves buying the mayor and six council members iPads costing a combined $4,000, savings are forecast.

“We’ll pay for this in 1 1/2 years just in paper savings and staff time alone,” said Mark Wollenweber, Grosse Pointe Shores city manager.

If a member of the council lacks an Internet hookup at home, the city will deliver documents in person in the form of USB flash drives.

“We think this would be a good, positive green step for the community,” Wollenweber said.

— Brad Lindberg

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