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December 05, 2013
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — Santa Claus had a smooth ride on a fire truck to the Lighting of the Village Christmas kick-off, at 6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 1, at city hall.

The truck he rode on has brand new tires.

Tires on Grosse Pointe Shores’ two fire trucks were replaced recently for a combined cost of $5,863.

The trucks date to 1986 and 1995.

“One of the trucks had its original tires,” said John Schulte, public safety director.

Tires cost more for the older truck.

“It has a two-piece slip rim,” Schulte explained. “You cannot put a new tire on a split rim. They’re too dangerous. The National Fire Protection Association doesn’t approve them. Rims had to be replaced on the old truck.”


The public safety department qualified for a grant to help outfit scout vehicles with in-car cameras, according to Schulte.

“The Shores was approved this week for the maximum amount in grant dollars,” Schulte said. “We will be receiving a check for $6,000.”

He’s seeking a separate grant from the department of justice to replace his officers’ bullet-resistant vests.

Vests need to be replaced every few years because the resistant material deteriorates with time.

“Grant funds are available for approximately half the purchase price of ballistic vests,” Schulte said. “The officers’ vests are going out of date.”

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