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Beline Obeid

October 03, 2013
Grosse Pointe Park — The long-awaited changes to the dispatch system in the public safety department have begun as calls to the main number are now being answered by the newly installed telephone tree system.

Emergency calls to 911 will be answered by a dispatcher, but calls to the (313) 822-7400 number are now being answered by an automated system prompting callers to choose from several options. The phone tree system is the first step in the consolidation of dispatch services taking place between the Park and the City of Grosse Pointe. That consolidation is expected to be complete before the end of October.

"The phone tree system frees up the dispatcher to answer the important emergency calls that come in," said David Hiller, Park chief of police. "Calls to the main number are often routine calls that can easily be routed by an automated system to the appropriate department while not tying up a dispatcher."

A caller to the (313) 822-7400 number will hear a message directing them to hang up and dial 911 if it is an emergency call. For all other calls, the caller is presented with several options. For example, a caller in need of an accident report or to speak with the public safety administrative office is told to press 1; for the detective bureau, press 3; for the court, press 6. There are seven options in all, and if the caller is uncertain as to what department they need to speak with, they can remain on the line and a dispatcher will assist them.

"We want to make this as seamless for the residents as possible," Hiller said.

And familiar.

Callers may note the voice for the new automated system sounds familiar. It should. It is Hiller's voice directing callers through the new options.

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