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Beline Obeid
September 26, 2013
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — The mayor slept easier recently knowing public safety officers were on the ball.

“A couple of weeks ago, I was walking my dog late at night when I encountered four young teenagers,” said Ted Kedzierski, mayor of Grosse Pointe Shores.

He went home and thought about how the police encourage residents to report anything suspicious. He called the public safety department’s non-emergency number to make a report.

“I closed my door, turned my lights off and watched from the front window,” Kedzierski said.

Officers in two cruisers pulled up.

“Response was less than 40 seconds,” Kedzierski said. “They stopped and talked to the teenagers. It turned out one teenager was from the area.”

And so to bed.

“I thought what a great community we live in; and how safe and secure I felt,” Kedzierski said. “I slept better that night knowing that our public safety officers were protecting our community.”

— Brad Lindberg

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