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Beline Obeid
September 19, 2013
A Farms patrolman is going to be a father for the third, fourth and fifth time all at once.

His wife is expecting male triplets in January by caesarean section.

The forthcoming trio, plus the couple’s two sons, make five boys.

“I’ll have enough boys for my own basketball team,” said Officer Antonino Trupiano.

Trupiano and his wife, Kristina, a registered nurse at Detroit Receiving Hospital, weren’t planning additions to their family.

“When I learned she was pregnant, I thought we were having one,” Trupiano said. “Then, we thought it was twins. I was like, ‘Oh God, twins.’”

Then, they learned it was triplets.

“It is what it is,” Trupiano said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

They learned the sexes at a party in which their friends, in cahoots with doctors, revealed the genders by baking three cakes with batter dyed blue.

“One of our neighbors baked the cakes,” Trupiano said. “We cut them open and found out with everybody else.”

The couple married in 2004. Their sons are age 7 and 2. Kristina always wanted four children.

“I wanted two,” Trupiano said. “It’s a nice compromise.”

He plans to transfer from the afternoon to midnight shift so he can be home days for his share of hands-on parenting.

“The next four or five years are going to be rough,” Trupiano said.

He’ll savor them all.

He remembers vividly bringing his first newborn son home from the hospital.

“It was like yesterday,” Trupiano said. “My oldest says he wants to be a police officer. We’ll see. It’s a rough lifestyle.”

Trupiano earned a departmental life saving award in 2012 for helping restore a woman’s pulse.

He also conducts the department’s child safety seat classes.

Upcoming births means he’s suddenly outgrown his new minivan.

“I never thought a minivan was going to be too small,” Trupiano said. “I can’t fit all three safety seats side-by-side. We’ll probably buy a Yukon XL or Suburban.”

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