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September 05, 2013
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — Real estate signs may become standardized, according to an idea from the same municipal committee that successfully lobbied to allow “open house” signs.

Mayor Pro Tem Kay Felt said she and fellow members of the Grosse Pointe Shores Ambassador Committee may propose that real estate signs be limited to certain colors.

“We are circulating to the committee an ordinance from another community,” Felt said. “Their signs are uniformly black and gold. We’ll be considering that.”

She said she’ll seek reaction from Grosse Pointe real estate brokers.

“Apparently, brokers in that other community don’t have any problem with black and gold signs,” Felt said.

The Ambassador Committee, established to promote Shores housing stock, also is fielding a suggestion to create another committee.

“Some residents said we need a ‘fun committee,’” Felt said. “They would like the ability for people who live in the community to get together to suggest projects to us.”

Comments so far include recreation activities, she said.

“People like activities going on in the park,” Felt said. “They’ve said it contributes to a sense of community and how much they’ve enjoyed it. That’s something you may hear more from us about, the fun committee.”

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