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August 15, 2013
GROSSE POINTE FARMS and CITY — The big one almost got away at this year’s record-breaking fishing rodeo.

A 3/4-inch glitch measuring the largest game fish caught among 1,250 participants nearly resulted in James Peberdy, 9, of the City of Grosse Pointe, losing out on a 4-foot-tall trophy.

His mother intervened when he wasn’t named among winners in six categories.

“She said her son caught a 12-inch bass, but we’d named the winner of a bass that was 11 1/4 inches,” said Dick Graves, organizer of the 65-year-old Grosse Pointe Farms-City Family Fishing Rodeo at Farms Pier Park, Saturday, Aug. 10.

He added, “Our guys who cataloged over 300 fish realized they’d made a mistake. I’m having another trophy made for him.”

The youngster who was mistakenly named winner, Even Kargula, 9, of the City, gets to keep his trophy in a contest that will enter the books as a tie.

Thus, the blue sapphire-anniversary edition of the rodeo not only beat the old attendance record by 150, it also resulted in seven trophies being issued instead of the normal six.

“It was great,” Graves said.

He was almost happy to run out of tickets to give everyone free prizes.

“We just told everybody without tickets to come and get their prizes,” Graves said. “The prizes are better every year because of the sponsors.”

Founded in 1948 by Graves’ late father and Pointe police and firemen, the free rodeo is for Farms and City resident ages 17 and under.

Trophies are awarded in three categories for residents of each city.

This year’s winners were:

First fish caught, City: Evan Braddock, 11;

Largest fish caught, City: Timmy Labadie, 10;

Largest game fish caught, City: James Peberdy, 9, and Even Kargula, 9;

First fish caught, Farms: Anna Zielenwski, 5;

Largest fish caught, Farms: Evan McNanney, 6;

Largest game fish caught, Farms: Grace Pappas, 10.

pic: fish rodeo winners 1

Photo courtesy of Dick Graves

Winners of the 2013 Grosse Pointe Farms-City Family Fishing Rodeo at Farms Pier Park are, front row from left, Even Kargula, 9, Largest game fish caught, City; Anna Zielenwski, 5, first fish caught, Farms; and Evan McNanney, 6, largest fish caught, Farms; and back row from left, Timmy Labadie, 10, largest fish caught, City; Evan Braddock, 11, first fish caught, City; Grace Pappas, 10, largest game fish caught, Farms.

pic: fish rodeo winners 2

James Peberdy, 9, won largest game fish caught by a City of Grosse Pointe resident.

Photos by Renee Landuyt

pic: fish rodeo

pic: fish rodeo

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