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Take a seat for this fundraiser

August 15, 2013
The Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce would like you to take a seat. More specifically, take a bench seat.

The street art fundraiser the chamber of commerce is kicking off in 2015 features benches similar to the Frogs*Fur*Friends and Pointe Perch fundraisers,

The latest art fundraiser benefits the chamber’s foundation. According to Jennifer Boettcher, president and executive director of the chamber, the benches likely would be made from recycled products. No dimensions were available.

Artists design the benches’ color scheme and motif and are placed in cities for viewing. Local businesses and residents have the opportunity to sponsor a bench’s artist and bid when the items are auctioned.

“We are confident that ‘benches’ will create a special and memorable event that both promotes our community’s art and culture traditions and increases activity in our retail and service districts,” she said.

In 2005, the chamber of commerce introduced the idea of decorating a four-foot high frog and auctioning it to raise funds for local charities. Each frog had a sponsor and was auctioned in October with proceeds benefitting the Children’s Home of Detroit and Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society. More than $216,00 was donated to the two non-profits.

In 2012, some $80,000 was raised from the auction of the school 51 perch. Services for Older Citizens and the chamber foundation were the beneficiaries of that fundraiser.

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