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August 08, 2013
>GROSSE POINTE SHORES — The felling of trees on Fordcroft illustrates the likelihood for trouble to sprout from destroying landscaping that may belong to someone else.

A resident may be charged with an ordinance violation for cutting down two trees on a portion of her front yard that is likely part of the city easement.

Brett Marshall, chairman of the Grosse Pointe Shores tree board, notified police shorty after 4:30 p.m. Thursday, July 25, because the 71-year-old female homeowner reportedly wouldn’t discuss the matter.

“Marshall (said) he questioned (her) about the incident and she closed the door in his face,” according to an initial incident report by Detective Scott Rohr.

Police came upon contractors and the remains of two large-diameter trees.

“The easement location is unknown, but believed to be the area that includes the trees that were removed, as they were within the last 10 or so feet towards the roadway,” Rohr said.

The contractors said the woman retained them to cut down and haul away the trees.

“They had no idea the trees were not the property of the homeowner,” Rohr said.

A citation won’t be issued unless the trees were on city property and the homeowner fails to correct the mistake, he added.

Rohr said the homeowner of 30 years believed she owned the trees.

“I explained that the city may want to be reimbursed for the cost of the trees,” he said. “She was apologetic and didn’t mean to destroy city property.

“She stated she cut them down because of the high maintenance and debris they leave on the property and roadway.

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