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August 08, 2013
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — The city retains rights to profits from sales of a book about the community to be published with financial backing of a private sponsor.

“The author’s name will be on the cover, but the Shores reaps the benefits of any residuals,” Mayor Ted Kedzierski of Grosse Pointe Shores.

“There’s no cost to the community,” said Mark Wollenweber, city manager.

The book, published by Arcadia Press, is a project of the Ambassador Committee.

Kedzierski established the committee in February 2012 to promote the Shores housing stock and lifestyle.

Arcadia products, such as books it published about Grosse Pointe and the Grosse Pointe War Memorial written by residents Suzy Berschback and Ann Marie Aliotta, are quasi self-published under the aid of company editors.

“The publisher does not want you to exceed 10 chapters and 126 pages,” Kedzierski said. “They want between 180 and 200 photos. We’ve already divided the book into chapters.”

Committee members chose Arthur Woodford, of Harsens Island, as author.

Woodford’s edited both “Tonnancour” volumes, plus the recent “The Michigan Companion.” He also wrote an Arcadia book about former Tashmoo Park.

“He started work on the book,” Kedzierski said.

The Shores has to buy rights to the photographs, the search for which is becoming a community affair, according to city officials.

“We’re looking for historic photos and help from residents with photos that might be of interest to the book,” Kedzierski said. “We want the book to have some life to it.”

A symbiotic partnership on the publication is developing between representatives of the city and Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, which is preparing an Arcadia book of its own.

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