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August 08, 2013
CITY OF GROSSE POINTE — Three contracts for city-wide sewer repairs were awarded this month to the lowest bidders.

“Some work may get started this winter,” said Stephen Pangori, project manager with Anderson, Eckstein and Westrick, the City of Grosse Pointe’s consulting engineers. “I anticipate the bulk of it will be done next spring and summer.”

A trio of firms won contracts totaling $2,851,179 to conduct separate methods of repair, restoration and replacement of pipes.

Low-interest, state revolving fund bonds will be issued to pay for the work.

Bonds amount to a 2 percent loan that will be repaid from the city’s water and sewer fund.

Repairs address the aging sewer system before repairs become more expensive, according to City Manager Peter Dame.

“The cost of these projects is less than pre-bid estimates and, plus engineering costs, is less than the $3.95 million authorized by the state revolving fund loan,” said Gary Huvaere, public service supervisor.

System-wide sewer cleaning in 2006-07, also funded by a state grant, identified pipes in greatest need of repair.

Restoration ranges from lining stressed pipes to replacing those that can’t be fixed. Some construction requires excavation.

A contract for full-length lining went to Utilities Service Authority, of Belleville, for $610,025. The firm beat seven competitors wanting from $81,050 to $426,805 more for the job.

LiquiForce Services, of Romulus, won a contract to perform sectional lining. LiquiForce’s $253,675 bid undercut five competitors by $56,792 to $188,866.

A contract for the open-cut method was issued to Fontana Construction, of Shelby Township, for $1,988,093. The bid amount was the lowest of three competitors ranging from $151,212 to $231,344 more.

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