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Beline Obeid
July 04, 2013
GROSSE POINTE SHORES — The installation of energy-efficient streetlights on Lochmoor and Sunningdale is on schedule.

Work also is within budget, according to Brett Smith, Grosse Pointe Shores public works director.

“We have not had any surprises yet,” he said.

DPW employees are saving the city money by helping replace traditional streetlights with light emitting diodes.

“We’ve had prices up to $120,000,” Smith said. “We’re doing it for about $70,000.”

LEDs operate on less electricity.

“We plan on cutting our energy costs better than 50 percent,” Smith said.

Some 14 lights on the two streets are being converted. Completion is expected within three weeks.

“We’re doing it as a test project in hopes that it works smoothly, so we can convert our whole system to LEDs,” Smith said.

Shores employees are coordinating efforts with an electrician.

A subcontractor was retained to bore tunnels for the installation of new, underground power cables.

“We’re taking those lights off the 4,800-volt system and putting in lower voltage,” Smith said. “If this works, we want to contract a large company to come in and do the rest.”

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